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Lovin my new Zelda shirt xoxo

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I’m not sure which is scarier

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I need more people to follow

My dashboard needs some awesome people who post stuff like this:

If your blog has some of this stuff I’ll follow you so Reblog this and I’ll take a look :]

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Zelda games where Link is sleeping at the start.

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the era of twilight

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I love all of these so much.

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My mom bought me a cool shelf so I put all my One Piece/Zelda/Death Note/MLP figurines in it :3

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My new mini figurines and other things I like!

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On Majoras Mask

Has anyone ever had that stupid bird in termina field steal your sword?

It did it to me once when I got really far then I had to restart because it flew away ;-;


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Reblog if your blog contains any content of:


I need more of these in my dashboard :3


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I like how on Ocarina of Time

Nobody ever notices when Link changes the day/night

But itd be funny if the towns people would freak out about the sudden change of day or get woken up at night cause the suns shining through their windows.

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