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My cousin plays these dating sim games and this is one of the “love letters” she got from this prince she’s dating.

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How I feel when somebody I like texts me first

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“& All their cash can’t buy you from my arms
Let’s play hard triumphs over charms ♥”

— All This Fashion - Say Anything 

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My ex-bf asked me to take him back a while ago but im not sure if i should ):

i still love but idk what to do :/

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i used to have that D:

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You used to make me so happy; like words couldnt describe.

Now you’ve gone and broke my heart and everything else inside ):

Yet, i still love you and always will

Its a condition that cant be fixed by any pill.

I feel pretty worthless right now, its an awful feeling. I cry and cry over you, but you dont seem to care. You said you still wanted to stay best friends? Thats gonna be kinda hard to do. Why couldnt we have gave it one last try? ): 

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